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In product development class, the project was to create a product that did not exist, with the fusion of two existing products. The idea was to create a product, from the idea to the design.



– Find a product idea

I lost my passport and a lost passport only brings problems, especially when you are abroad with the impossibility to return to your country. That’s how I came up with the idea of creating a geo-locator passport holder. The idea was to incorporate a chip in the passport holder, and to connect it to the phone.
– Finding a name and a slogan
For the name, I combined « Passport » and « Tracking » to create « Pass Track ».
As for the slogan, I wanted to play on the 3 verbs of actions from a lost passport to finding it, and that gave « Lost it, Track it, Find it ».
– Create the logo
To represent my product well, I wanted to keep key elements like the plane for the passport, or the position emoticon for the geolocation.  I finally opted for a representation of a passport holder, with the position emoticon and the plane, in order to keep the idea of the trip that can be done with a passport with you.
– Find the font
I opted for a simple font, that is to say one sans serif « Bebas Kai » for the name of the product and « Myriad Pro » for the slogan. The idea is to keep it simple to read.
– Find a product mockup
To make the project as realistic as possible, a mock-up is a good solution. So I chose a brown-gray passport holder where I incorporated my product logo.
– Make a card to promote the product
After the mock-up, I made a card with on the front, the incorporation of the pass track in a familiar environment, and on the back, the explanation of the product and a promotion.
– Realize a trade show booth mockup
– Make a sales pitch