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A roadtrip to Asia is always worth a try! So I set off backpacking to discover this continent. Over a period of 3 months, I discovered 4 countries, and carried out 2 volunteer assignments. A very different culture, as it was my first time discovering a different culture far from the West.





I left for a specific purpose: to offer my time to help. So I found two volunteer opportunities. The first was in Thailand, on Koh Phangan. Thanks to my marketing skills, I was able to help develop a youth hostel. I was able to produce flyers, develop social networks, and do graphic design for the decoration of the establishment. The second was in the Philippines, in Puraran, on the island of Catanduanes. A second experience with the locals, where I helped them learn English and French at a surf school. I was able to learn about their culture and live it. It was an incredible experience, because for 1 month, I lived like them.



Asia is so rich. A rich culture that differs from country to country. Strong religions with sublime and impressive sacred sites. Lovely people, with their hearts in their hands, ready to help and share their culture. Unfortunately, a lot of inequality persists and poverty is very present, but these countries are developing more and more, thanks to tourism, which brings wealth from the West.




I left on a whim for adventure. A desire for renewal, madness and to say to myself that we only have one life.

After blowing out my 19 candles, I took my courage in both hands and contacted AIESEC, an international youth-run, non-governmental and not-for-profit organization, in order to realize a voluntary service. I chose PERU.

I left 6 weeks to the adventure, and during my days of rest, I left in backpack with other volunteers to discover this magnificent country.

I was able to visit Huaraz with its indescribable blue waters, Lima, the capital, with its colonial heritage, Paracas with its chandelier until Cuzco, ancient capital of the Inca empire and which abounds in discovery as the mountain of the 7 colors, the Salas of Maras and the famous Machu Picchu.


My volunteer work was called « Learn&Live » and its goal was to help children in precarious situations to learn foreign languages. I was able to teach them English but also French. The meeting with these children was very enriching and I also learned a lot with them.

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